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We had a blast at our Carnival-themed FunWalk this year! Between the great food, fun games and thrilling live entertainment it was tough to pick our favourite part of the day, but we was everyone who helped us celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Yes - every single attendee, volunteer, donor and sponsor were the reason we were smiling ear to ear in Riverdale Park this year.

Every year the fantastic, award-winning volunteer Carol Deighton creates another world with the FunFair and costumes, thank you Carol! We could not do it without your creativity.  

We are able to announce that the event has raised over $40,000 as of today with donations still coming in! We will continue to work towards our annual goal of $60,000 by December 31, 2019. Your efforts of raising hard-earned funds will go towards making a difference for families formed through adoption in Ontario.

Thank you to everyone who registered, created their own fundraising page and pledged! We are still carefully counting every $50 raised by you and will announce the winners of the $1,500 VIA Rail Canada voucher and the Marriott hotel night soon!

50/50 Winner: #6658199

Raffle Winners: 

The Great Outdoors - #3842198
Variety Pack - #8342237
Foodie Basket #1 - #13842220
Foodie Basket #2 - #3821473
Spa Day - #8342244
Fitness Basket - #8342235
Entertainment - #3821895
Family Day - #3821576
Night Out - #3821521
Fitness Guru #1 - #8342384
Fitness Guru #2 - #3821885
Toronto Tourist - #8342321
Games Basket - #3841495
Crafty Basket - #3841683
Day-in Basket - #3821889
Wake-up Basket - #3821587
Creativity Unleashed - #3821376
Art Lovers - #3821681
Healthy Living - #3822067
Maple Leafs Fan Pack - #8342287
Blue Jays Fan Pack #1 - #3842226
Blue Jays Fan Pack #2 - #3821461
Blue Jays Fan Pack #3 - #3821451
Blue Jays Fan Pack #4 - #3842225
Blue Jays Fan Pack #5 - #3821462
Blue Jays Fan Pack #6 - #3821417

Please either email us at or send a text message to 416-579-0472 with a photo of your ticket!

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We will be announcing more information about next year soon!

What would you like to see at next year's FunWalk? Give us feedback here!






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