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ACO's annual fundraiser and funfair is back and better than ever! This year's Carnival theme is sure to bring the adoption community together while also raising some much needed funds for critical programs.
July 2019

What will my donations be going to?

Kids need families and families need support. Every dollar donated to the ACO goes to work on matching a permanent family for every child in foster care and ensuring families are supported throughout and after the adoption has taken place.

Why do families formed through adoption need program support?

As we know, adoption is not an event, it is a lifelong journey. Parenting is difficult, even under ideal circumstances. Families of children through adoption need specialized support to ensure they can meet the needs of their children who have experienced trauma and loss. This support does not exist in many communities across Ontario in any predictable or sustainable way.

"Adoption is a joy - I wouldn't change my life, but it is not always easy, and the challenges we face as adoptive parents are very different than the experiences of birth families. It's good to know the ACO's expertise is 'in my back pocket' against the day I need their services."

- Parent through adoption & FunWalk participant

The ACO is a leader in:

  • adoption recruitment and support;
  • youth, parent and peer support programming; and
  • training of mental health professionals.

Together we will be able to broaden our reach and impact, thus ensuring stability for thousands of vulnerable children each year in Ontario and across the country.

Expression of Interest Form #ACOambassador

Simcoe County Adoption Connections Youth/Family Camping Weekend: The fifth annual camping weekend took place on June 21-23, 2019 and once again it was a huge success. The idea for a camping weekend originated with the adopted youth group from Simcoe County as a way to kick off the summer! The first year saw 35 people, including parents and kids, pitch their tents in a beautiful wooded spot at the bottom of a hill at a group camp site on a Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after set up, the downpour of rain began! The weather could not dampen the spirits of this group and the laughter began, games were played and parents and kids formed new friendships and built on existing ones. Everyone pitched in to help each other, tarps were put up, group cooking took place and we even managed to have a camp fire, under the tarp!

There was a true sense of community and I don’t think we really realized what was taking place. For a moment in time, we were all the same, kids were kids and parents were parents. There were no struggles, no issues, no challenges ... just pure happiness despite the rain! 


The ACO is interested in receiving feedback and suggestions from our families and the professionals who work with them. We now have over 900 Pathways alumni and 170 ACT alumni and we want to hear from all of you, and from other families on adoption and permanency journeys, and professionals in the field. We've developed two short surveys - one for families (including waiting families) and one for professionals. We want to hear your thoughts on our educational offerings and other supports available to you. We ask questions about our trainings, our parent and professional support networks, resources and communications. The surveys also give you an opportunity to tell us about any other supports you may need as a parent/caregiver, or as a professional, to help on this journey.  We thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.


Expression of Interest Form #ACOambassador

AdoptOntario understands that families want to make the best impression with workers when they are interested in a waiting child or siblings. They have enhanced one of their prime services to do just that.

The Formal Expression of Interest (EOI) form is a comprehensive document, which provides the most pertinent details about a family to a child's worker in the preliminary selection process. Families can complete this form after speaking to an AdoptOntario Clinical Coordinator, and/or talking with a CAS worker at a regional or provincial adoption resource exchange (ARE) or at child profile event.



Each year we see hundreds of kids and parents enjoying a themed funpark and participating in the walk. This is our 10th year, and we are ramping things up!

Become an #ACOAmbassador! You can rest assured that you have helped to spread the word about this very worthy event. And, for all your hard work, Ambassadors will receive the VIP treatment! How do you become an Ambassador? It's super easy ...


Online Education ACO Voting Membership

The online education series has been a great success this summer! We filled our "Parenting the Traumatized Child" webinar in just 24 hours! We are offering another date, check out the details below.

Don't miss out on these very helpful webinars for adoptive families and professionals. 

Making Openness Work for Kids and Families
Monday, July 15, 2019
Monday, August 19, 2019

Parenting the Traumatized Child
Thursday, July 25, 2019 - FULL
Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Transitional Planning - Contributing to Successful Adoptions and Permanency
Thursday, August 8, 2019

Older Child Adoption - Journey Into the Unknown
Monday, August 12, 2019


Members play an integral role in the governance of the Adoption Council of Ontario. Members are distinct from volunteers in that members have important legal rights and obligations as determined by legislation governing not-for profit corporations. These rights relate to the governance of the Adoption Council of Ontario and include, among other things, the right to:

  • attend and participate in annual and other meetings of members;
  • receive and review the annual financial statements;
  • vote on matters put forward for approval, including the election of directors;
  • hear about any other business, including reports on ACO's program progress;
  • approve the by-laws and any amendments; and
  • approve significant changes to the purposes of ACO.



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