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Date: April 30, 2019 Author: ACO Administrator Categories: Adoption Newsletter
  MAY 2019
Youth in Care Day is May 14

Ashley Ash, Never Too Late team member, writes: "On May 14th we come together to celebrate Children and Youth in Care Day. It is a day that highlights the children and young adults that are currently in the foster care system and have been in the care system and ‘aged out’ or left care. It is a day that is important for everyone in the province of Ontario but holds special importance for youth who have lived experience.

What we are not celebrating today is the current politics in this province that are working to silence youth voice. We cannot ignore that youth in and from care services and supports have been slashed. We cannot shy away from the fact that youth in and from care will be most impacted by these cruel cuts."


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FunWalk is on September 15th

Self-care Tips From a Parent Trainer Parent Leadership Training Update

A parent trainer shares her very personal story and lessons she has learned: "I had heard the advice around self-care, 'you need to take care of yourself first or you wouldn’t be any good to the kids.' I had also heard the analogy of putting your air mask on first in the airplane to be able to then save your family. But to be honest it just didn’t resonate with me. I am not sure if when I was younger I just felt untouchable or if the pain of so many children called to me louder than my own body or heart."


This month ACO shines a spotlight on the Peer Support Enhancement Training Day for support group leaders that took place on Saturday March 30, 2019. We were delighted that 20 parent support group leaders from all five regions of the province were able to join us for a day of learning, sharing and networking. The participants varied in experience from several years of running groups to just beginning to set up their groups.



Developmental Trauma Action Alliance


The Developmental Trauma Action Alliance has had a busy year! This month they are issuing their very first newsletter, DTAA Connections & Community for everyone that is interested in this initiative. It was amazing to see more than 250 people come out to talk with at the ten DTAA Healing Childhood Trauma Together Roundtables last fall. Let's keep talking and working together to help heal and prevent developmental trauma.

To read the DTAA Connections & Community, please visit here.

Upcoming Events

May 6

Adoption Matters: FASD & Childhood Trauma
Lauren Ireland, MA, BCBA, discusses the causes/contributors, symptoms and life-long impacts of two brain-based, physical disabilities.

May 11 Trauma Workshop for Educators - London
Trauma & Loss: Creating School Communities of Wellbeing workshop.
May 13 Adoption Matters: Making Openness Work
The course will give an overview of Openness in Adoption from the perspective of benefits and challenges for all members of the family – birth family members, adopted children and adoptive parents.
May 27 Older Youth Adoption: Parent Centred/Child Focused Adoption
Older Youth Adoption: Parent Centred/Child Focused Adoption with Elaine Ash, MSW, RSW, mental health therapist, and her adult daughter, Ashley, who was placed with Elaine six years prior.
May 29 Search, Reunion and Social Media - Special Presentation
A panel, including representatives from the Adoption Disclosure Register, Ancestry DNA, and a recent reunion will present information about current methods of searching, issues and the laws pertaining to them.
June 4 Permanency & Adoption Competency Training: Info Session - For Professionals
The PACT team will be hosting a webinar in June about the Pathways and ACT training programs. We will highlight the strong results of our Pathways evaluation program that was carried out by the University of Toronto's Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work.
June 6 Permanency & Adoption Competency Training: Info Session - For Families
The PACT team will be hosting a webinar in June about the Pathways and ACT training programs. We will provide an overview of the curriculum, an update on where Pathways and ACT has been trained in Ontario and our plans for it going forward.
June 10 Adoption Matters: Transitional Planning
Transitional Planning with Judy Archer, MSW, RSW. For all parties to the adoption process–the child, the birth parents, the prospective caregivers, and the foster parents-particularly if they have been caring for the child for any length of time, adoption and permanency planning are profound, life-altering events.
July 15 Adoption Competency Training: Summer Intensive
Our next ACT offering for professionals will be held in July and August.
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