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Date: April 6, 2019 Author: ACO Administrator Categories: Adoption Newsletter
This April, we are celebrating Volunteer Week from April 7-13! Everyone at ACO would like to extend a big thank you to our group of volunteers from colleges and the adoption community for helping lift our communities. Below are three volunteer testimonials, highlighting their experience volunteering for ACO.
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  APRIL 2019
National Volunteer Week
April 7-13 is Volunteer Appreciation Week - ACO benefits from 1,000s of hours of volunteer support every year and we simply could not exist without the commitment, dedication and donation of heart and soul of our many volunteers. Social Work students, Adoption and Mental Health professionals, parents, and youth are among some of the many groups of people who help us to deliver the programs we do. Please join us in thanking these amazing people who are so much a part of our ACO team.

We asked them WHY? Here are some quotes...
Quotes From Volunteers
Spring Education Day 2019


Join us on Saturday, April 27th for ACO Education Day - a full day of learning and connection for all members of the Adoption Community - pre-adoptive, adoptive, kinship families and adoption/children's mental health professionals.

Lunch and snacks provided. View our full agenda and workshops topics here.




Thank you to all our generous donors! This past quarter has been especially exciting. We have benefited from and participated in a number of fundraising events that have reminded us of the passion and generosity of our community and have encouraged us to keep moving forward with building the VILLAGE of SUPPORT in programs and resources for all members of our community.

Fundraiser Update

The 2nd Board Fundraiser at the TMX was a successful evening—We were delighted to raise some critical funding for our core programs.

Fundraiser Update

Our corporate event with KPMG staff was a fun day of blanket making. We made 55 fleece throws for our Welcome Home Program totes.

Fundraiser Update

Jockey Canada continues to support ACO's Welcome Home Program with helpful books for parents and some endearing items for adopted children.

Fundraiser Update

200 students from Madinatul Uloom School had a fundraising drive for the ACO, and spent the morning making blankets for our Welcome Home Program.


Here are two sibling groups that AdoptOntario is actively seeking families for.

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.


Ben and Dan are seeking a loving, forever family who has Indigenous heritage to help them explore their culture and Indigenous identity as they grow and develop.

Ben is the shyer, more reserved sibling. Ben thrives on praise and encouragement from adults.

Dan likes to be the center of attention! Dan is super affectionate and loves to tell jokes.



Marcus is the youngest of his siblings and has fun playing with his older brothers. He is always trying to keep up and mimic everything they do. He is an active and spunky child with a loud and clear voice that he uses to sing and dance. He enjoys playing outdoors and is up for any adventure.

Carter is happiest when he is outside playing. His favourite things to do are riding his bike, swimming, and helping with yard work or chores around the home. Any sport with a ball and Carter will be the first to join in and play. He also has a creative side. He can come up with interesting story lines to discuss, and uses his imagination to captivate you.

James the eldest of the brothers and is a very busy boy who enjoys being active, playing sports, and swimming. He is competitive and has a strong drive to do well. James also enjoys taking pride in his appearance and likes to be stylish - wearing nice clothes and having his hair cut short and well groomed.


Upcoming Events
April 9 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Childhood Trauma
Lauren Ireland, MA, BCBA, discusses the causes/contributors, symptoms and life-long impacts of two brain-based, physical disabilities.
April 15 Journey into the Unknown
Journey into the Unknown: Parent Centred/Child Focused Adoption with Elaine Ash, MSW, RSW, mental health therapist, and her adult daughter, Ashley, who was placed with Elaine six years prior.
April 16 MCCSS ARE We Ready Webinar
The ARE We Ready? webinar will help guide you through all things ARE so that families are better prepared before, during and after the event.
April 17 Pathways to Permanence - Spring Series
Pathways will be offered in 7 Ontario cities: Kingston, Kitchener-Waterloo, Huron-Perth (Mitchell), Sudbury, York Region (Richmond Hill) and Toronto.
April 27 ACO Education Day - Toronto
The theme is Identity & Belonging: Supporting the Lifelong Journey of Adoption and Adoptive Families. The keynote speaker is Dianne Mathes. A choice of workshops will be offered.
April 28 MCCSS Adoption Resource Exchange
The conference helps locate and match adoptive families with Ontario children needing adoption and is hosted in the Spring and Fall each year by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.
April 29 Making Openness Work
The course will give an overview of Openness in Adoption from the perspective of benefits and challenges for all members of the family – birth family members, adopted children and adoptive parents.
May 4 Trauma Workshop for Educators - Ottawa
Trauma & Loss: Creating School Communities of Wellbeing workshop.
Registration is open - see event listing: Ottawa | London
May 11 Trauma Workshop for Educators - London
Trauma & Loss: Creating School Communities of Wellbeing workshop.
Registration is open - see event listing: Ottawa | London
May 29 Search, Reunion and Social Media - Special Presentation
A panel, including representatives from the Adoption Disclosure Register, Ancestry DNA, a recent reunion and a Private Investigator will present information about current methods for conducting a search, issues to consider at each stage of the process and the legislation.
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