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Having the support of a family has the greatest impact on a child's health, well-being and potential for success. ACO works with Ontario families, Child Welfare, and children's mental health professionals to make sure that all Ontario children have a family - for life. ACO exists to make sure every child and youth in Ontario has a family.
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Having the support of a family has the greatest impact on a child's health, well-being and potential for success. ACO works with Ontario families, Child Welfare, and children's mental health professionals to make sure that all Ontario children have a family - for life. ACO exists to make sure every child and youth in Ontario has a family.


For Family Day, we will be launching a word cloud about what family means to you. Please take a few minutes to participate and share with our community. It's easy.

Step 1: Visit www.wordclouds.com and click "Wizard." Then click "type or paste text"

Step 1

Step 2: Add all words that describe family to you. Adding words more than once makes them bigger

Step 2

Step 3: You can change shape, colour, etc. The more creative the better! Step 3


Step 4: Click "file" and "save as png" to your phone or computer Step 3


Step 5: Upload the image to your Twitter and Facebook.
Tag us and use our hashtag @ontarioadopts #FamilyDay

Wordcloud Example
Happy Family Day .. and thanks for participating and spreading the "word" that family is amazing - in all the shapes, sizes and colours they come in!
Never Too Late Updates


NTL hosted the first orientation session!

On January 19th, even bad weather could not keep 11 folks from joining the NTL youth and adoptive parent leads in our first Orientation session. The session is aimed at providing more information to people who have interest in finding out more about providing permanency to a youth who has aged out of the foster care system. It was a remarkable day with participants saying that it was the most authentic presentation on the topic they have ever been part of.

We will be holding another session in early spring. Check out our webpage www.adoption.on.ca/NTL or contact aviva.zukerman@adoptontario.ca.

Read this article featured in Today's Parent here.

NTL is working with Melissa. Melissa is 27 now, and a mom of two wonderful kids herself but she heard that her foster parents, who she has known since she was 12 wanted to fulfill their wish of formally adopting her and she wanted to make that dream come true for them all.

NTL is bringing this dream to fruition with the help of some wonderful legal folks who are donating their time.


Upcoming Online Adoption Events Kids Korner

Kids For Keeps

An outdoorsy kid, a science-fiction fan, an adolescent with a joy of food and cooking, all with warm and loving personalities – these kids are for keeps! Read more.

Date: February 6th, 2019
Time: 7:00PM - 8:30PM


Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Child Profile

Prenatal exposure experiences can impact that way children process information or express emotions. Read more.

Date: February 20th, 2019
Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Levi is looking for a fishing partner to take him out on the lake and help him catch that big fish! He is super skilled at fishing already, and likes to make his own lures to catch a variety of fish.

A hands-on kid, Will can be found playing with puzzles, LEGOs and toy trains. Will is a happy-go-lucky boy who thrives off love and affection from caregivers.

Always the jokester, Daniel has a great sense of humour and aims to make those around him laugh. Daniel likes trying new things and likes to be challenged!


Pathways to Permanence 2: Parenting Children Who Have Experienced Trauma and Loss Winter 2019 Creating School Communities of Wellbeing



The Developmental Trauma Action Alliance (DTAA) held ten Healing Childhood Trauma Together roundtables over the past couple of months. We met with over 250 people in North Bay, London, Barrie, Peterborough, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, and Thunder Bay, and through two virtually through video conferencing.

We are now reaching out to youth through a series of journey mapping sessions. We hope to report on our findings and feedback in the coming months.


Children and youth touched by foster care and adoption, in particular, have told us that they want a school environment that is positive, inclusive, safe and sensitive to their unique needs and life experiences.

We are grateful that the Ministry of Education has given us a regional Parents Reaching Out grant again this school year. As a result, we will be able to bring our Trauma & Loss: Creating School Communities of Wellbeing workshop and a Resource Village to parents and educators in London and Ottawa in May.


placeholder Ontario

Seats are still available for our upcoming Adoption Competency Training (ACT) which now starts on March 4th, 2019. This is an 8-day (48 hour) Curriculum.

Location: The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
81 The East Mall, Etobicoke, ON

Date: March 4th, 2019 - June 4th, 2019
Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Cost: $1,300 per person. This includes a training and resource manual, and refreshments on all training days.


The Spring Series is coming soon. Registration will be open next week for our Spring Pathways.

They will be held in:

York Region



Upcoming Events

Adult Adoptee Network

The Adult Adoptee Network was co-founded by Sheilagh O’Sullivan, Psychotherapist and Judith Craig, Social Worker as they saw a need for a safe space for adult adoptees to convene with one another within Ontario. AAN is faciliated by Judith Craig and currently meets quarterly. We look forward to welcoming your families.


Grand River Zone ARE

Children’s Aid Societies in the Grand River region would like to invite AdoptReady families from this region to this ARE event. Families will be able to network with workers, each other, and find potential matches to children in the Grand River area. This is an invite-only event.


South West ARE

The South West Children's Aid Societies would like to invite families who are underway and AdoptReady from this region to this ARE event. At the ARE, families can network with workers, each other, attend an education workshop and find potential matches. Contact your adoption worker to learn more.


ACO Education Day

We are happy to announce that ACO Education Day will be held on Saturday, April 27th in the GTA. Our theme for the day is Identity & Belonging. If you're interested in helping us plan for it, contact pact@adoptontario.ca. Want to present? Download our Call for Proposals.

Adoption Resource Exchange (ARE) Conference

The bi-annual conference helps locate and match adoptive families with Ontario children needing adoption and is hosted in the Spring and Fall each year by the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services.

Want to share your story? Are you interested in sharing your story, or being a guest blogger for the ACO? We want to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences with adoption at https://www.adoption.on.ca/share-your-story

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