AdoptOntario Presents

Thank you for celebrating Pat Convery! RSVP Form is Below

Please help us build some memories for her. We will be sharing these memories at the party in a variety of ways.

You can:

  • Record a video with your mobile phone (send to How to shoot tips!
  • Record your voice (send your audio or leave a message on 647-776-0983)
  • Write your well wishes and it will be read at the party on your behalf (enter information below)

Each memory will be collected and put together in a memory book for Pat to keep.

As you think about what you would like to say, consider the following questions:

1. My connection to Pat Convery and the ACO

2. The first time I met Pat Convery

3. Something I learned from her, or something she helped me with

4. A funny story about Pat

5. What I admire about Pat

6. My hopes for Pat during her retirement

7. My hopes for the Adoption Council of Ontario and adoption practice in Ontario

Please RSVP and enter your memories below by October 25th, 2019 at 5pm. 

Allowed Filetypes jpg,jpeg,png,gif
1024 KB max

See Tips for Shooting Video Below: (you can also apply the same techniques to your photos)

1. Shoot Horizontal

2. Framing

Stand/sit slightly off-centre to create a more visually interesting scene, at eye-level.

3. Use a tripod

3. Do not use Zoom

4. Natural Light

Face your subject toward a window for great natural light. Never have the window behind the subject though or else you’ll be left with a silhouette.

5. Exposure and focus

Smartphones and digital cameras will automatically detect and adjust exposure and focus accordingly. It’s great for taking quick snaps, but ideally while recording you’ll want to have more manual control and lock these down so they don’t adjust and leave your footage over-exposed and out of focus.

Simply tap on your subject using your smartphone’s default app to manually lock exposure and focus in your footage. This can be adjusted whilst filming. Most modern digital cameras also offer this tap feature. If not, a ‘half-press’ of the capture button will do this.

6. Use audio recording

You are ready to record. You have the perfect lighting and location (no background noises, no wind). Prepare what you are going to say ... Practice, practice, practice. Please do not add music.

7. Permission

If you are conducting video interviews of any type that will later be published, then it is imperative that you require permission from the interviewee before filming. They should be made fully aware of the context in which the footage will be used and where it will be published.