Kids Need Families and Families Need Support






Who are we? 

The Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO) is a registered charitable organization formed in 1987. We are a leader in adoption recruitment, support and education for families and professionals to provide stability for thousands of vulnerable children across the province.

What is FunWalk?

FunWalk is a crucial fundraising event for ACO that brings together families from all through the GTA touched by adoption and their allies to raise funds for the ACO to broaden our reach and impact. 

Sponsorship Benefits

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To learn more about our amazing sponsorship opportunities and levels, you can connect with Pat Convery, Executive Director at


What is FunWalk?

Top 5: Why you want to be a sponsor

5. Enhance your reputation by demonstrating social responsibility and community investment;

4. Raise your profile with a family-targeted audience;

3. Maximize your promotional dollars by taking advantage of a well-organized and professionally managed event;

2. Huge ROI! FunWalk is promoted through our website where we have over 6000 visitors per month, newsletter to over 3000 people, and through social media including over 2000 followers; and

1. You will be a part of helping to build families—fulfilling the dream of every child in this province, to have a family to grow up and grow old in.