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February 20th is Family Day, a time to take a step back from the busyness of life and invest in what really matters. Many families in Ontario are formed through adoption, which provides a lifetime of benefits for children who are not living with their family of origin.

It’s often custom to celebrate with our loved ones when children come into our families. Due to the nature of adoption, many families do not experience the same sort of ‘new baby’ treatment as those who may be expecting through birth. At the Adoption Council of Ontario, we want to help welcome these children and youth into their new homes with a simple gesture, a blanket.

This Family Day – let families formed through adoption know you’re celebrating with them by sharing the love with handmade blankets.

Buy a Blanket

Make a Blanket

Why a blanket?

It’s common for us to gift blankets to families when a new baby is born. Often the blanket becomes a special item for the child into adolescence. The security blanket is a special memory for many.

When a child joins a family through adoption from foster care, often at an older age, the family is not showered with gifts in the same way. We have learned that a blanket is a symbol of security and belonging at any age. We want to give a gift that is memorable and welcoming regardless of the age of the child.

I don't think I can make a blanket... 

It's easy! Each blanket kit will come with pre-cut blankets and all you have to do is knot the fringes together to join each side and create a beautiful, colourful blanket. Your hands are the only tool you will need.

Each blanket takes approximately 30 - 60 minutes to knot and is a great activity for a family or group to do together.

Still not sure? You can sponsor a blanket...or several!

When will they receive the blanket?

The Blanket is one part of our Home Forever Backpack Program. Currently supported by Jockey Being Family and BlackRock Financial Planning and Wealth Management, the backpack program is like a Welcome Waggon package for newly formed adoptive families. Families all across Ontario who attend ACO’s Pathways to Permanence 2, a family education and support program funded by the Ontario Government will receive a parent tote bag of resources and books and a backpack for each child in their family. The backpack contains the ‘made with love’ blanket, a teddy bear and a book to help them understand their journey to adoption through foster care.

Children and their parents have to work hard to become a family through adoption. ACO is here to help families on the lifelong journey. The Home Forever Backpack Program is just one more way we can say WELCOME to our families formed through adoption in Ontario.