Volume 2: Expansion and Update of the ACO Programs

Date: May 7, 2021 Author: Madison Lee Categories: AdoptOntario

Welcome to the second newsletter update on the Central Intake Process and the expansion of AdoptOntario database, known as Central Matching.

The Adoption Council of Ontario is providing a centralized service on behalf of the MCCSS. We want to create a system in a collaborative process so that the practices at ACO and AdoptOntario are a support to the field of public adoption. The ACO is facilitating this process and local societies will retain control over which families and children are matched as well as which families get home studied and approved. 


The technical folks at Avocette have just about finished the updates to our database and new professional site. This means that the databank has been migrated to a more secure server so we can be assured that the sensitive data it holds for the children and families we serve is as safe as possible.  It also means that you will see a new professional site when it is ready to go live. As the live date is firmed up, we will advise you of the exact date and time. In addition to the data entry training we are working on a recruitment training to help CAS workers better understand AdoptOntario’s mission and beliefs as well as the many recruitment options that are available to Ontario’s children and youth.  

At this stage we are testing the functionality of the site and databank update prior to going live. Next, the AdoptOntario staff will be trained on the updates and then training to CAS staff will begin. As mentioned earlier, if you have children registered on the existing site, they will migrate to the new one. 

You can expect that Child registration will be electronic. We have updated our professional site to make the inputting of data easier. If you already have children in our databank, their child profiles will migrate to the new system. Our professional site will have a child registration wizard to walk you through the steps towards registering a new child on our database. CAS Permanency staff will be able to upload videos and photos. We will be providing training to help orient them to the new process related to child recruitment.

We are working to simplify the consent process and consulting to ensure it is compatible with requirements in the CYFSA Part X. In the immediate term, the existing consent process will remain in place and we are requesting the workers upload the consent documents directly to the child registration instead of using a less secure, email.  

Roll out plans for Central Matching are still in process. We will begin roll out with a pilot of 1-2 agencies. Dates are still under consideration. When we have a clearer understanding of the schedule, we will advise of training dates to move forward.


As part of this expansion the ACO will provide a Central Intake Process for prospective adoptive parents (PAPs). The vision is to create an adoption system that can provide better customer service to PAPs. The Central Intake process includes providing consistent information, support and navigation to all prospective adoptive parents. A Central Intake Process will help provide families with dependable and accurate information about public adoption in Ontario as well as how to access private adoptions.   

We have submitted our vision and budget proposals to MCCSS and we are waiting for their feedback.  We envision an intake service that can provide clear and professional information to prospective parents. We want to introduce the child-centred perspective from the beginning of the journey. Public adoption seeks to find families for Ontario’s children and that as adults, it is up to us to understand and accommodate children’s needs. When perspective families understand this, they can move into public adoption prepared to make a lifelong commitment to a child or children. 


At AdoptOntario we strive to keep children at the centre of our recruitment plans. That means our clinical co-ordinators want to get to know each child so they can tailor the recruitment plan for the child’s specific needs. Co-ordinators request updated information and assessment on a regular basis so that we are abreast of the child’s current needs. We believe child-centred recruitment plans attempt to empower children and youth to be active participants in their future. We will be finding ways to engage children and their workers in new ways. 

We updated our profile templates for the photo listing and for ARE. Similarly, we will be editing and updating our outlines for video scripts and other materials that get created while working with a Clinical Co-Ordinator. You will notice changes to our processes over the next year as well as meet new staff.  


We are updating our public ACO website, over the next few months you will see our new pages emerge. The new design will make it easier for everyone to find those important links like upcoming training events, How to Adopt webinars and resources.    


We are hosting the next virtual ARE on May 28th and May 29th, 2021.  

A brief outline of events:  

  • Professional Education (How to Have Attuned Conversations with Children/Youth and Families During Transitions with Dianne Mathes and Karen Moore: Friday, May 28, 2021 from 1-3PM.    
  • Adopt4Life Panel Discussion: Friday, May 28, 2021 from 6-8PM 
  • Education for Prospective Adoptive Parents (What’s Bringing you Here? Your hopes, dreams & fears with Dianne Mathes & Karen Moore) Saturday, May 29, 2021 from 10-11:30AM 
  • The deadline for attendees (both professionals and parents) to register: Thursday, May 27, 2021 at noon
The date to register possible children for presentation has passed (April 19th, 2021). Contact info@adoptontario.ca for any questions.

Do you have feedback or a question? We want to hear from youPlease email us at cimodernization.feedback@adoptontario.ca

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