Building Bonds, a Never Too Late Story

Date: December 16, 2020 Author: Communications Contract Staff Coordinator Categories: Never Too Late (NTL)

The NTL program in partnership with StepStones for Youth connected Leah and her son Zye with Colleen in early 2020. They continue to be part of the NTL community, most famously as hosts of our community karaoke nights. 

Leah has shared her thoughts on the impact having Colleen in her life has had in just a few short months.

“You can try to build a bond for 4 years and it can go nowhere, but sometimes you can build a bond in 4 months with someone and it means everything.

From the time I met Colleen, we both felt the connection. Colleen has been great to me and to my son, Zye, and I am truly blessed and grateful to have a person in my life to see me at my worst and help me to become my best again.

With her help over the past 4 months, I was able to smile a little more and cry a lot less. Zye was able to accomplish more of his development skills in a comfortable home with someone he truly loves and looks up to.

We do karaoke most Friday nights together or we just bond with each other by sharing things or going places I've never been. I was stuck for a very long time and now I am not, I am safe!

I am grateful to Colleen for bringing the light to my tunnel and helping me become the person I am becoming. Looking forward to more with her and the memories we shall continue to have!“

- Leah, age 18.

Never Too Late (NTL) is a program on the Adoption Council of Ontario. This article was originally published in the Never Too Late October 2020 Newsletter. 

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