Support Kids and Families During the Pandemic

Date: June 6, 2020 Author: Communications Contract Staff Coordinator Categories: Opportunities to Give

Could you donate $25, $50, $100 or even $200 to provide supportive services and programming to adoption communities during the pandemic?

These are challenging times for everyone. that includes charitable organizations like the ACO. We had to cancel our annual board fundraiser because of COVID-19. Not many donations have been coming in since the pandemic started. We understand this. At the same time, the need is great.

ACO has responded to the pandemic by

  • providing all webinars for free until the end of June and developing new ones each month
  • designing and hosting panels and conversation by professionals and parents
  • hosting virtual kid and teen hang out programs that help us learn more about coping during the pandemic and are a lot of fun
  • opening an Information/Navigation and Support Line

We have seen an enormous increase in demand for all our educational offerings since we have made them free so they are accessible during this time. We've also received huge interest in the new panels and conversations many of which feature topics related to the pandemic. Our virtual hangout sessions for kids and teens of all ages have helped young people and their families.

There is an increased need for support, guidance and connection by families and others. We’re doing all we can to be there for our community. If you, or someone you know who cares about people and families on adoption and permanency journeys, are in a position to help the ACO sustain these services particularly during this time, we need your help.

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Your donation provides one attendee free access to a webinar.

Your donation provides one attendee free access to the virtual expert panel event.

Your donation provides one virtual counselling session with an adoption competent counsellor.

Your donation provides one child/teen virtual hang out session to connect with peers and provide relief to parents.

Button: Support Kids and Families

Your donation will provide individual support for children, youth and adults who are feeling the chaos and stress of feeling more alone, isolated from peers and are unsure of how to deal with the feelings they are having.

Your donation will ensure families have programs that provide support for them and respite when their children can attend a Saturday morning hangout with other kids who are in adoption or a teen/young adult youth network.

Your donation will help prospective adoptive parents have ongoing education and the direction they need to navigate their adoption journey during these chaotic times. Please help our kids and families.

Thank you from everyone at the ACO and the children, youth and families you will be supporting.

About ACO's Programs and Services

*Your symbolic gift goes towards critical, life-changing services and will be directed to the areas of greatest need. Symbolic gifts represent key services ACO is providing during the pandemic to adoption communities and their corresponding monetary values.