Tips for Adoptive Parents During COVID-19

Date: March 27, 2020 Author: Administrative Coodinator Categories: Adoption Support

The times we are currently in are different than we’ve ever seen before. People are working from home, schools are closed, and everyone is trying to maintain a safe social distance. We know that these times come with some challenges and we want to help make them easier for you. Here are five suggestions for adoptive parents during this time:

1. Don’t be afraid to talk to your kids about the virus. 

We know that kids are probably asking you tons of questions right now. Why can’t I go to school? What is happening? We think it is best to talk to your kids about COVID-19 in a way that is simple and clear and not overwhelming for them.

Check out this resource targeted for people talking about the virus to children.

2. Try and maintain some form of structure in routine.

This is a challenge for sure and it is important for all children, including adoptive children, to continue doing daily routines - even if this does not include school. Writing out to-do lists and posting them somewhere in the house where everyone can see can be a great way for children to follow along. Do family food prep and cleaning up with some music on!

3. Continue discussing school and taking learning opportunities.

With school out, it is important to keep some concepts in your children's heads. One of the biggest suggestions from teachers is having kids continuing to read during the break. Otherwise, school-like routines with snack times, outside times and relaxing times are encouraged. 

4. Allow the kids to get outside. 

While practicing safe practices for the virus (social distancing and handwashing), people are still encouraged to get outside. Let the kids play in the front or backyard or take them for walks around the neighbourhood. Check out further resources on the importance and recommendations of getting outside during this time.

Consider creative ways for kids to connect. A FaceTime playtime date with a couple of friends. They can play games or do artwork together, even on Facebook! Grandparents or other family members can read stories using video. Set it up as a regular time so you know when they will be occupied and can plan for yourself.

5. Take time for yourself. 

Yes, we know this is harder than it sounds, but it will be important for you as a parent to find some time for yourself. Whether that is taking walks by yourself, finding time for some exercise or having a bath once the kids are asleep, it is important to find time to destress.

As always, the Adoption Council of Ontario is here to help you. We will be continuing to post more blog posts on our website and over our social media.

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