Voice of Adoption - Adoption Awareness Month 2019


Written by Dianne Mathes R.S.W. Executive Director, ACO

Over the past month we have heard the voices of families who are living in adoption and permanency journeys with their children.  

We have heard testimonials from parents about the importance of the ACO’s Pathways to Permanence 2 Program for parentsPathways participant parents talked about the changes that it creates in their connection with their children and their approaches in parenting.   

We have talked about our ACT program that gives professionals the knowledge and tools they need to provide counselling and therapy for individuals whose lives are being lived in adoption and permanency journeys 

This past week we learned about the importance of our newest program the Never Too Late (NTL) program that supports older teens and young adults in their quest to find mentors and families. 

We appreciate those individuals who are sharing their experiences and stories. 

It takes courage to share vulnerable and intimate thoughts and experiences about living in adoption and permanency. 

We will close our Adoption Awareness month with a focus on other important voices in adoption. The original families and adopted adults who are searching for ways to understand themselves and their experiences in their adoption and permanency journeys.  

The ACO provides an information and support line for everyone living within adoption and permanency.

We receive many emails and calls from individuals who are searching and/or exploring a reunion. And many questions from families about how to approach or live in openness within adoption. The ACO has educational videos through our Adoption Matters program that explores openness for families 

The living journey in adoption and permanency continues throughout a lifetime. Piecing together the story and learning about connections within original families is a significant and important part of that journey. There are many thoughts and emotions that can be evoked in reunion however it unfolds. The ACO wants to ensure that all adopted children and their families, adult adoptees and original families have tools they need and people in their life that understand how to navigate searching as well as the changes and emotional experiences that can be part of this part of the journey. 

Next week is Giving Tuesday.

GivingTuesday Countdown

A day that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday and shifts to the spirit of giving during this gift filled season. As you have heard from the different Voices of Adoption over the course of the month, we hope that you will join us in our efforts to continue supporting adoption communities across Ontario. Save the date and sign up for our email list so that you can participate on Giving Tuesday at the ACO.