Let's Learn Together

Date: September 6, 2019 Author: ACO Administrator Categories: Permanency and Adoption Competency Training


Let's Learn Together

When September rolls around it is not just the children who 'go back to school'.  Education in Ontario is a whole family ​commitment.  Parents and professionals also need to prepare for the new routines with a view to maximizing the opportunities to ensure that our children have the full benefit of what our education system can offer them.  Parents, teachers, mental health and child welfare professionals working together is what brings all the pieces together in support of the unique needs of each child. 

Sometimes it is hard to know what to tell a teacher about your child's adoption story.  Parents often feel confused and easily intimidated with the language of special education programs and are at a los​s to navigate through the system in a productive and helpful way.  

Recently an adoptive mom directed us to this great ​guide for Parents and elementary school teachers that was developed in the UK.  This guide has a lot of good ​information and suggestions around homework, tricky class assignments and communicating with the whole education team. 

UK Guide (download)

Sometimes, however, we are challenged to translate information from another area to our Ontario system.   In this regard, ACO is very fortunate  to have the support of Lori DeWitte, an Ontario elementary school principal and an adoptive mom in helping us navigate through the process and language of our education system.  Lori took the time this summer to prepare an Ontario addendum to the UK guide for the ACO. The addendum highlights the Ontario approach to a few key areas covered in the UK guide. In particular, it reflects the law in Ontario for special education and school attendance age. 

Ontario Addendum

Finally, here is a link to additional education resources posted in the Resource section of our website.  

Education Resources

We hope you find these resources to be very helpful. We would encourage you to share them with educators and other professionals you are working with. 

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