Top Three Things to Know About Childhood Diabetes

Date: July 16, 2018 Author: ACO Administrator Categories: AdoptOntario | Special Needs


A diagnosis of diabetes was once confusing and scary. However, with the discovery of insulin, societal understanding of diabetes has grown rapidly. When a child or youth with the diagnosis of diabetes is YOUR child, or a child you are seeking to adopt, those confusing and scary feelings can arise again. Factors like insulin injections, diet changes and the uncertainty that goes along with a diabetes diagnoses can be stressful. However, parenting a child or youth with diabetes doesn't seem as scary if you have the proper education and supports in place!

Top three things to know about childhood diabetes:

  • Not all children’s diabetes will be managed with insulin.

    Every management plan will be unique! Depending on the type of diabetes your child or youth has, insulin or other medications may be prescribed. Your medical professional may also suggest managing diabetes with diet and exercise.
  • Exercise and a proper diet are key!

    While healthy eating and exercise are important for ALL children,children with diabetes will need extra attention to ensure they are exercising and eating properly. Exercise and healthy eating helps children and youth with both types of diabetes manage their symptoms. Limiting sugary foods and implementing a regular exercise schedule can even delay the onset of Type II diabetes in some children.
  • There are support groups for children diagnosed

    These groups can be very helpful in emotionally supporting children with diabetes. A diagnosis of diabetes can leave a child feeling isolated or alone as they feel that no one else in the world has to manage their diet in the same way that they do. Getting your child connected to a support group can help them pick up new skills to help manage their diabetes, as well as make friends going through similar experiences as them.

Want to expand your knowledge on diabetes? The AdoptOntario team have created a specific section on their website all about this special need called Understanding Diabetes in Children and Youth.

Test your knowledge about diabetes in children and youth through our quiz!

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