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Date: June 2, 2017 Author: Communications Coordinator Categories: Adoption Support | Guest Blogger | Permanency and Adoption Competency Training

Word  Pride, overlaying painted rainbowFor an LGBTQ family formed by adoption or permanency, pride can have many connotations.

Pride in yourself, your relationship (if you are in one), the journey you have taken as a member of the LGBTQ community, your journey to become a parent and your journey to be an LGBTQ parent.

Parenting is not without its challenges and Adoption/permanency is not without its challenges. For a family that also belongs to the LGBTQ community, those challenges can be intensified with the reality of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism (to mention a few). These issues can have an impact on your journey as a parent (e.g. dealing with other peoples’ biases about LGBTQ parenting, the school system, the medical system to name a few) as well as your child's experience with those same systems.

We know that knowledge is power and that parenting is a journey of love, joy, curiosity and wonder. It can also be a journey of confusion, worry, isolation and fear. Connecting in with other parents who have or are on similar paths, can make the parenting journey a little less lonely, worrisome and offer some information, knowledge and skills.

At the ACO, we offer our parent training program, Pathways to Permanence 2 to help support families in their permanency and parenting journey. We have also offered an LGBTQ Pathways for LGBTQ identified families. Thought all families are welcome to any Pathways offering, ACO sees the value in providing an offering that can focus on the reality of being an LGBTQ family formed through permanency. As the facilitator of the group, it was a powerful experience to walk the journey with the participants and explore the various topics we cover in the curriculum in an LGBTQ positive space while at the same time, exploring some of the unique challenges of LGBTQ permanency parenting.

Written by: Karen Moore, RSW, MA, PACT Trainer

YES! LGBTQ-identified persons can adopt!

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