Kids Need Families and Families Need Support

What's Your 30?

30 years ago small groups of people like you, people who care about the community of adoption, were sitting around kitchen tables when they recognized a great need. Kids need families, and families need support. Since then, together we have;

  • Created an award winning program, AdoptOntario, that matches children and families. AdoptOntario celebrates its10 year anniversary this year.
  • Helped over 800 families and consulted with over 100 professionals with our Permanency and Adoption Support Services program.
  • Developed Permanency and Adoption Competency offerings that will help families and associated professionals better meet the needs of their children.

“[We] trust the ACO’s services. Adoptive parents and kids need a lot of support, and this is the only agency that helps with post adoption that really matters.”

Parent through adoption, FunWalk participant

You have made this happen.

Celebrate ACO's 30th Anniversary with us: